Friday, June 17, 2016

Diorama Tutorial: Warehouse/ Underground Bunker

It’s been a while since I last posted anything on my blog and it just so happened that I just wrapped work for Ficon Doll’s latest release “Irina” and so I documented the step by step tutorial on ow I created the set for her pictorial. Doesn’t cost much since it would need mostly stuffs lying around the house.

I chose to do a bunker/ warehouse set bec it has been playing in my mind since I last saw a tray of springrolls from the supermarket and kinda got caught at the details underneath the tray. Theyre very industrial looking, and so as burger/ cake plastic containers I saw at the supermarket that are massive when close but still so lightweight and east to glue on on walls.


Styro sheets, I used a 2x4 feet I inch thich for flooring and 2x4 half inch thick for walls
Plastic trays from groceries, or any disposable containers at hand for as long they have those “indistrial” looking details underneath.
Old boxes from medicines, small boxesif there are any. You can just do this project with the trays alone.
Colored glossy folders. I chose yellow for this. Gives it a very GI Joe feel.
Glue Gun and Glusticks
Spray Paints, and silver acrylic paint.
Large brush.

1.I started the project by positioning all styro boards in place. On my photoshoots I always leave one side open for shoot angles and allow lighting. Most of the time, I pre planned all shots already so I adjust my diorama with it.

2.Glue on the trays and plastic container according to you licking or better if you peg a photo of the actual so you will have an idea where to place your materials.

3.Base paint everything with black spray paint. Its faster and since I leave the floor alone, once I sprayed on the paint, it will react with is and melt a bit. I like it that way since it gives the floor a worn out look.

4.Get your big brush and dry brush everything with silver acrylic paint to highlight the details of the containers. Dry brushing is simply dipping your brush on the paint, wipe off excess paint and then start brushing it on the area your painting. Tip though, for a metal sheet look, brush in one direction, where you can see lines that simulate metal sheets. Let dry.

5.Detailing. For my set, using a stencil, I cut out wordings that are usually present on bunkers, like levels, numbers… here I chose “Level 02”. Then with a cutter and ruler, I cut out strips from a colored laminated folder for extra details. Remember, it should be functional all the time, so imagine yourself inside and following the bright yellow lines to where you are going, so everything makes sense.

6.To add extra details… I use lighters with mini flashlights in them, positioned them way above my photo line so the camera wont capture them but still would have that realistic lighting conditions on such area.

7.You can add on pipes here as well… individually painted boxes that simulate cargo and put details on them. The possibilities are endless… Here is the finish piece (sorry for the phone camera pics here... but the ones below are from the actual shoot)

So hopefully this would make you dream of your next project or in some way inspire you to do a better one. Till my next entry.

More photos from this shoot:
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  1. Cholo, thank you for the demo. I was wondering how you did that, and now I know. Very helpfull.

    1. My pleasure to share whatever I know. Hugs Ayal!

  2. Awesome CHOLO you are the best I am going to try this in a couple weeks think it will be a really fun project :)