Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Siamese (Details and Ordering Information) -SOLD

Siamese is a concept I've been toying around for quite some time now and it is just now that i finally made it into fruition. Twin Gowns, merging into one. Ive selected Inro and Nnaji, both Inamorata Dolls by Emilia because of their distinct curves, very apt for this shape. Siamese Includes 2 couture gowns (top and skirt) of black and Lilac, and Black and Yellow, Both are made of antique lace, hand beaded with micro sequins, corset back for flexible fit for other similar sized dolls (good fit for Numina and Deva, Can fit Jamieshow dolls, but the skirt part wont close totally but tolerable, skirt part is made of antique lace and tiered pleated trim lace on the tulle part, overlayed with black tulle with hand applied micro spangled lace ornaments in tornasol. It also include matching ornate crystal neck pieces with matching brooches and hard cap wigs made of hand combed yarn and embellished with acrylic glass like flowers and crystals. Im also including a special base for the stand when the you opt to join the 2 gowns.

This sale is for both gowns together, not separate, so I'm expecting one bid on you email.
To bid, as with all of my previous sale, is through my email, and the starting bid will be 450USD, and that includes international shipping already. Please do write "Siamese" on the title of you email for proper identification. please do include on your email too, your shipping details (name, address and a working phone number) Ill reply back if youve won the silent bidding or not after 24 hours from the unveiling.

Payments will be through Paypal only.

and dont forget too, the Spring Summer Collections will be up soon, so stay tuned. :)