Saturday, October 25, 2014

Santita: Cho:lo Doll Couture Philippines F/W Collection Unveiling and Info

Santita, the collection was inspired by my roots as a catholic. Robes of icons at the cathedral dressed in embellished lame, gold embroidery, intricate hand crafted halos... all of this melded together with my take on doll couture, resulted into this collection. I divided the collection into three parts, Sculpture, Drape and Aura. Sculpture, the first three looks is all about putting dimension on fabrics, volume, edges, while evoking a feel of grace. Second is Drape. Drape is all about chiffon and how it moves around the body. I chose prints to have that lavish feel all over it and third is Aura which as it's meant, Gold, the metal of choice for opulence and royalty.

Ordering Info:

Just like my other collections, you can email me through with the Look or looks that you're interested in as the title of your email and inside kindly write your offer (above 200USD)and your shipping details including 1 working phone number. You will receive an email if your offers are noted and sit back and relax. This is silent bidding so whoever offered the highest gets the look, and will duly be informed if so. Im allowing more than a day for the offers and after it, all winners shall pay their dues via Paypal only.

Another collection done, and next year maybe ill top this off for Spring Summer 2015.

Thank you so much again for supporting my art. :D

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Santita: Behind the Collection


This is an idea that has been lurking in my mind ever since I started doing doll fashion, and it manifested in a couple of looks I did along the way. Giant halo like headpieces, embossed embroidery and opulent beadwork and then D&G released a collection that was based on Byzantine religious iconography and everything in between. My jaw dropped in amazement but that the same time, there goes the idea that I really wanted to do. But then again, I cant help but to do what I believe a must, and its close to my heart as a Filipino since I grew up with these details at vantage point. Santita is based on a Filipino's close attachment to his religion. As the only predominantly Catholic country in Asia, and with more than 3 centuries of Spanish rule, we were affixed to embrace the religion every step of the way. With it, every day, we get to see the religious images dressed up in gold embroidery, European style cathedrals, hammered metal halos encrusted with gems. Easily as an artist, you cant help but to be influenced by everything around.

Work In Progress

I thought also, that this collection is best to do this season because coincidentally my local toy group, Pampanga Toy Collectors Club will be hosting its first large scale toy festival and exhibit, and as the curator for the doll exhibit area, I grabbed the moment as a chance to show my work in person to my folks here... in the best possible way.

Sculpting and Draping Chiffon

Santita is all about shapes, prints and embellishments. I thought that in these three words I could ground the idea in one path and not all over the place. Looks that are symbolical but not replicas of religious robes, more of essence and feel than being literal and closing to blasphemous. It is divided into 3 capsules that starts with obvious heavy fabric, heavy draping and embroidery part then transitioning to printed chiffon and trying to sculpt and drape it to its fullest and then ending in classic familiar silhouettes, clean line but with opulent beading and textures. I also used antique lace that were so fragile and old, they're ripping apart, and so I treated them to hold their shape and finish them off in antique gold. The styling is topped of with headpieces that pose as halos but with a twist. Faces are covered simply because (drum roll please) I have no time to repaint anymore. Haha. Sorry about that.

Santita: Cho:lo Doll Couture FW14

The pics are from my updates on the progress of the collection as time went by before the Toy Exhibit. Now Im happy to announce that the collection will be up for sale via silent bidding on October 25, Saturday at around 7pm, Standard Philippine time, for those of you who've been consistently waiting for my collections, you know the drill, but for those first timers, The presentation will be via my flickr, and through this album:

and details on how to will be posted on my blog.

Santita Exhibit.

It just a few days before show and I'm excited to present all 10 looks from my Fall/ Winter Collection.

Mabuhay everyone. See You at the show!