Monday, December 16, 2013

Ethni:City F/W OOAK Collection Ordering Information

Thank you once again for joining me tonight and watching the unveiling of my Fall-Winter 2013 OOAK Collection, Ethni:City.

Same drill my dollies, as I don't want to have any attention from Flickr and selling my line there, I opt to just post this info on my blog. Here is how:

1. Email me at

2. dont forget to write the "look" that you want to place an offer on, for ill be putting them on different folders after. ex "Look 1"

3. The content of the email should include your offer, all the pieces start at 200 usd, international shipping included, and your shipping details, including a phone number.

4. Ill allow 24 hours after the show for the offers to come and email the highest offers for confirmation ( so relax, you have time to think), and thank you emails for those who didnt get the pieces.

5. Payment via Paypal only, allowing 2-3 days to settle it, and after the shipping money reflects on my bank, ill ship promptly (3-5 days)

Thank you so much guys for making this another successful collection.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pastel Perfect 1.4 Ordering Information

Thank you everyone for viewing the show on Flickr and by this time i hope you have chosen the one you liked from the collection. As you know by now that the collection pieces starts at 160 USD with shipping, and you can offer me an amount higher than that. Whoever offered the highest gets the piece. Honestly im not really aiming for a high amount, i just wanted the pieces to go to the one who wants it most.

You can email me you offer, with the Look (letter) as your email title and i'll check everyone's emails after a good 24 hours, and i'll email back the winning offer ASAP after the time period. You can send your email through this address

Kisskiss Everyone and thank you!

Offers are now closed for tally, Thank You Everyone!